Mere Mortal


                The Immortals are human, or at least they used to be. They paid a heavy price to live forever. There are two things that fascinate the Immortals: birth and death. Since they can do neither, they entertain themselves by watching us do both. This is the first lesson a Nomad learns if they want to survive. The second is just as crucial: Never go near an Immortal. Learn to hide and never let them find you. Hidden deep in the Colorado mountains with her tribe, sixteen-year-old Mila has never encountered one.

When an Immortal attacks her older sister, Maiwen, Mila must set aside those lessons to find medical help. To rescue her sister, Mila delves into the dirty underbelly of the Immortal City and the corporation that manufactures the immortal interface. There, she discovers a secret that could bring down the Immortals once and for all but doing so could destroy everything Mila loves. Mila must save her sister and defeat the Immortals before they can find and eliminate her Nomad encampment.

Mere Mortal releases May 1, 2023 and is available now for pre-order on Amazon.